VMware VCP6-DCV, done

Published on 29 May 2018

Another one out of the way. After forking out for the official training (unfortunately, you can't just do the exam, you need to attend the course, which is a pain if your employer won't pay for training), I thought I should actually hurry up and get the exam done. The course was 6 (not 6.5) so I did the VCP6 exam. That is still valid for two years, and I can do the step up to 6.5 at some point soon. Given my last VCP was in 4.0, it was overdue.

The best thing about the VCPx-DCV exam, is that it can be a foundation for so many others.


I honestly think the VMware exams are a lot tougher than Microsoft or Amazon exams (although to be fair, I have been doing Amazon Associate level exams so far!), so I am really happy to have it completed.

Veeam have a good study guide here which is well worth going through before you sit the exam. Apart from that, plenty of experience is crucial!

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