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Use Cases for Amazon ECS

We all know that EKS is in many ways considered the darling of the container world in AWS, and there are of course some good reasons gor this. Kubernetes has been a big deal for a while in the industry, and there is of course the idea that if you learn how to manage EKS, you can also pick up Kubernetes platforms in other environments fairly easily too. Or, bring your Kubernetes knowledge to AWS.

Securing Your Applications in AWS

I recently came across a problem where someone was trying to use Jenkins, but it was constantly getting attacked, and vulnerabiliities were being exploited. Once exploited, the Jenkins instance was being used for crypto-mining, which not only is bad for the devlopers trying to use the platform, but bad for your bottom line.

Using AWS Mountpoint

In this post, we will look at AWS Mountpoint, and their use cases.