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Timeless AWS EKS and Terraform

Well, nothing is really timeless, but hopefully this article is still more revelant a year from now, compared to some of the other resouces for getting to grips with EKS! There are plenty of resources out there for managing AWS EKS with Terraform, which is great, it shows the level of interest in running Kubernetes on AWS, but it has its pitfalls too. Primarily because the Terraform modules and resources for use with EKS are changing so fast that it can be difficult to actually find something that works still effectively, and is current. You can literally spend hours going through Youtube videos just to find that the video you were watched was created before an update to a module and no longer works.

AWS EKS and GuardDuty

This year AWS have released several security enhancements for EKS. Security is probably the most critical element of any container cluster. One announcement that came out in 2022, was support for scanning containers running on EKS, with AWS GuardDuty. This is good, because it means that any suspicious activity on the containers can now be found in the same place as alerts for configuration risks for the rest of the AWS environment.

Exposing an application Internally and Externally

If you have a web-facing application, how do you make it visible internally, and ensure that traffic doesn't go over the Internet? This is sometimes a requirement for large companies that want to ensure that internal traffic is kept internal.