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S3 Buckets and Changes to Cross-account Access

It is not unusual to have a requirement to grant cross-account access to S3. Normally you would do this via an IAM policy on the user, and a bucket policy. There is a change announced at re:Invent though that helps a lot here.

Automatically Tagging Uploads to S3 - Part II

I previously wrote a page on how to automatically tag uploads to S3, which can be found here. There is an update below, which has a few changes. Firstly, it is all deployed via Terraform, but there is also a change to the code of the lambda function too.

Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS allows customers to move their existing on premise VMs to the AWS. However, these are not moving directly to EC2, but are running on a baremetal server running VMware, within an AWS account. It allows you to extend your datacentre into the the cloud, providing the 7th “R”, relocate.