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Automated Remote Script Execution on EC2 Instances

There are times when you need to run a script automatically on an EC2 instance, but do not want to have to copy and update the script each time, on the instance. The post will look at how you can use EventBridge to fire off a command on an EC2 instance (driven by an event, rather than a schedule), that will copy a script from an S3 bucket, and execute the script locally on the instance.

Sample Application - New Films in IMDB Top 250 - Part II

In the first part of this, we looked at the services we could use, installed AWS SAM, and creating the first application. This part is about thinking what we need to store, and making some changes to the initial template.yaml to reflect those.

AWS Graviton Performance Test

The Graviton is AWS's own line of processors, but people can be reluctant to move to a new processor platform. There are many solid reasons for this, including, not knowing how it would perform, or how easy it is to use. So for my own experience, I wanted to throw together a quick test using a couple of servers.